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Getting to the moon and turning back is a fantasy that man has cultivated for millennia, from Luciano di Samosata to Jules Verne, passing through Ludovico Ariosto and many other poets, novelists and visionaries. 50 years ago the dream became a reality. Behind Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins achievement there is a tremendous scientific and technological commitment, a good part of which concerned information technology.

All About Apple Museum celebrates the anniversary with a special experience of the contributions that information technology has made to the Apollo program and the benefits it received.

Seven years after landing on the Moon, enterprising kids like Jobs and Wozniak could assemble the Apple-1 in a garage and start a great business success story. About six minutes passed since the time Aquila landed on the Moon and the astronauts left for the first non-terrestrial walk.

All About Apple Museum awaits you Saturday 20 July at 21.30 at Piazza De André headquarters in Savona with a dense and varied program to make the waiting between the two historic moments pleasant and interesting.

Throughout the evening there will be alternate original movies with live commentary; it will be possible to discover how to maneuver in space, the calculations that are needed and the computers that solved them; the Apollo Guidance Computer, the on-board computer of the Apollo 11 and the project for its reconstruction; the historical moments of the mission to be relived in virtual reality with the Oculus Quest; a telescope will be available to get closer to the Moon and much more.


21:30 Opening of the Museum and introduction to the evening

22:04 Those last 12 minutes, original NASA video commented live

22:17 Touched! Firts Toast

From 23:00 to 01:00

  • G.A. Cignoni “Ideas, calculations and calculators to go to the Moon”
  • Astronomical observations: Jupiter and Saturn
  • Virtual reality: in Columbia, flyby of the Moon
  • Moon Movies Quiz with prizes

From 01:00 to 04:00

  • M. Fanciulli, “AGC, Practical guide for a gentle landing”
  • Astronomical observations: constellations and the Moon
  • Virtual reality: in Eagle, Tranquility Base
  • Moon Movies Quiz with prizes

04:00 Time for questions: free questions to the experts

04:56 A small step … Toasting and a great final refreshment

The event is organized in collaboration with:

HMR, research project on the History of Computer Science;
Stellaria, cultural association of astrophilia
The event is sponsored by the Municipality of Savona.

Admission is open to all and free.