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When a person leaves us before their time, it is always a pain that we share; we perceive it as a wrong, an injustice, something unnatural. If the person is close to us, if it is a friend or a family member, the tear is even more lacerating; this is the case with Mauro Sabbione, whom we can say is our friend because as such he has shown himself to be a friend to the Museum and to the group of people who feed it. We met him a few years ago, when we repaired his Apple ][ computer, with which he had been a protagonist in the accompaniment and most important musical themes of the musical group Matia Bazar, at the time of the legendary ‘Vacanze Romane’ album of the 1980s. Mauro rejoiced like a little boy in front of the restored computer, which, combined electronically with the instrument ‘

Alpha Syntauri‘ was able to make us relive the acoustic emotions of that period, experienced by him and Matia Bazar at the height of their success, taken on tour for over 120 concerts with the album ‘Tango’. To reward us, he had given us an artistic performance at the museum, but he would have done it anyway, because that is how Mauro was: direct, simple, generous, enthusiastic, with a brilliant spirit and a desire to live and tell his story, but not as a simple memento but as a continuation of a project that had begun many years earlier and had become a ‘personal’ artistic form.

We would like to remember him always with this same enthusiasm, so we show you him in action, in some videos we shot together, and with this we thank him for everything, with a bit of regret for not being able to share more good times together. Thank you, Mauro! From the bottom of our hearts. All About Apple Staff