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A guided tour of the All About Apple Museum is always a special moment.
Accompanied by a member of the AAA staff you embark on a fascinating journey through the history of Apple products, including trivia and behind the scenes revealed by those who have used for years those products that today are exhibited in the museum.

For organizational reasons, reservations and advance payments are required.

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€ 30/group
+ € 5 per person
€ 5/person
Free 1 teacher every 10 students
For everyone

Taste the apple

Guided tours of the permanent exhibition (approx. 1h)

Accompanied by a staff member, you’ll take a fascinating journey through the history of Apple products, including insights and behind-the-scenes stories from people who have used the products on display in the museum for years. The most significant moments in the history of Apple are told through the pieces in the Museum’s collection: from the Apple ][ to the Macintosh, from the iMac to the iPhone, the stages that led us from the desktop computer to the hyper-portable and always connected accessory.

Book a guided tour
Soon available

Lessons AAAt the museum

Hackerdidactics of computer science (about 3h, high schools)

Real lessons to discover computer science through its history:

  • Inside the Apple ][, how a computer is made, to understand the secrets of the hardware
  • Applesoft BASIC, when it was easy to program, to make software and not just use it
  • From Galileo to the iPad, personal computing as an industry and a market
Soon available

AAA Kids

Computer science told to children (approx. 1h, primary schools)

An activity to explain some concepts of computer science, talking in a simple way, but without simplifications and metaphors for children.

Digitalizziamo! reveals that digital does not mean modern or electronic, but “in figures” and that an image is transformed into figures in order to convey it in a practical way.