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All About Apple A.M.U.G.

For some time now, a number of Apple users in Liguria have had the ambition of forming an association and thus founding a real AMUG. However, the trigger event that led to the realisation of this initiative is linked to a company that has been the reference point for the Apple market in Liguria for decades: the BRIANO SNC company in Savona, Corso Tardy e Benech, 20r.

In almost forty years of activity, this office machine sales and service outlet, first pioneering, then increasingly specialised, has seen the birth of the computer age in Italy, and has passed on its shelves the most representative machines in the history of electronics, to specialise more and more, until it accounts for over 70% of its turnover, in Apple products.

Today, the company, with its new name (Briano Multimedia), is reorganising its spaces and restructuring the warehouse, which for the whole of its activity has also been a technical assistance workshop for repairs; and in the premises, submerged in the dust of time, locked in boxes, buried under mountains of technical information manuals, an incredible quantity of collectors’ items have emerged, which – otherwise destined for the scrap heap – have been generously donated by the company to our group of users, to start what will become the most important museum of Apple machines in Italy.

The AMUG was therefore born with a heritage made up of machines of all ages, as well as an incredible collection of spare parts, peripherals, stickers, gadgets, advertising, brochures of all kinds, and – not to be overlooked – dozens and dozens of original and unobtainable manuals, as well as a number of original software for Apple II and Mac.

Who among us – Apple users – doesn’t have an old ‘piece’ at home that we are fond of and can’t part with? Components of no or almost no commercial value but representative (Apple machines can be loved or hated, but they never leave you indifferent), that we would never throw away but that sometimes annoy us, are cumbersome, we would like to “put them somewhere where they can be stored” without being forced to keep them at home.

All About Apple AMUG’s primary aim is to become a reference point for the collection of Apple items which, where possible, will be made functional, catalogued and exhibited to the public.

Of course, the normal activities that distinguish AMUGs all over the world will not be neglected, such as group meetings, assistance and on-line technical information, and anything else we can organise, always related to the fantastic world of Apple.


11 May 2002

All About Apple AMUG is born

12 May 2012

10 years of All About Apple AMUG
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