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All About Apple Museum awaits you in Savona near the cruise terminal.

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Free admission to the museum. There's a bit of Apple in each of us!

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The museum where Apple comes to life

All About Apple Museum contains almost all the personal computers, peripherals, accessories, prototypes made by Apple since the beginning in 1976 to the present day.

Plan your visit

All About Apple awaits you in Savona, Liguria. Plan your visit and take the opportunity to discover the beauty of the city and the surroundings. A trip between technology, history, culture and cuisine.

All About Apple

All About Apple was founded in 2002. Discover its history and relive the emotions and behind the scenes of more than ten years of operation with a guided tour accompanied by a staff member.

There’s a bit of Apple in each of us

All About Apple AMUG is the reference point for the collection of Apple products that, where possible, will be made operating, cataloged and displayed to the public.

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Join All About Apple Apple Macintosh User Group, a group for all fans of the fantastic world of Apple. Open day, events, meetings and exclusive AAA member benefits!

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Keeping alive a museum of working computers requires great skill, hard work and countless spare parts. Donate your used Apple products to All About Apple!

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The voluntary activity of All About Apple is driven by passion for the project, but also relies on your necessary contribution. Discover all the ways to support All About Apple NPO.

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Sostieni All About Apple con un’erogazione liberale. La tua donazione sarà accompagnata da una regolare ricevuta che da diritto alle agevolazioni fiscali.

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Destinando il tuo cinque per mille ad All About Apple ONLUS potrai sostenerci con una firma. Un gesto che non costa nulla ma che per noi vuol dire molto.

26 January 2019

Art at the museum: Andromeda by Rob Brading

24 January 2014 in Official announcements

All About Apple 3.0 – The new era

January 24th 2014 is an important date in Apple world: it's the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh birth. This date has a double meaning because it overlaps with a main…
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23 December 2012 in Official announcements

All About Apple Museum is dedicated to the memory of Walter Franceschi

This year Christmas brings to the Museum a sad and unexpected news: our dear friend Walter Franceschi, one of the few people who since the earliest years has believed in…
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1 March 2012 in Events

All About Apple celebrates its 10th anniversary with “Apple Generation”

On show in Savona, starting April 21st till May 20th 2012, at Palazzo del Commissario, within the Priamar fortress, the "cult" computers that built Apple history and that are part…
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