It’s possible to register filling out this form. The registration is valid from the month of payment of the minimum membership fee (set at 20 euros) for the following 12 months. This quota is freely extendable at the discretion of the supporting member who wants to give particular support to our initiative.

Membership entitles you to:
freely visits to the museum
technical support by e-mail about the use of hardware and software of the Apple machines
invitations to special events of A. M.U.G. (open days, meetings, conferences, etc..)
mailbox box (on request)

It’s important to note that every possible donation of material to AllAboutApple gives the right to be entitled to enrollment.
This is due to the fact that the fees, the only income for the AMUG, help support projects management costs (including electricity expenses for the museum, the maintenance of the web space, the purchase of spare parts, etc..), for this reason all those who believe in this project are expected to cooperate.
Members can also join regular meetings that will be organized, promptly notified by email.