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All About Apple often receives donations from all over the world of Apple products, but in this case the Scottish artist Rob Brading wanted to surprise us, giving the Museum a work of art derived from the reworking of an Apple Computer Quadra 700 from the 90s.

Brading has created works of this kind (primarily Apple products collages) since 2002, the same year of foundation of the Museum. The donated work, called ‘Andromeda‘, is vital and rich in color, and is a great tribute to a computer that was able, in 1991, to display millions of colors on the screen thanks to an expansion of video memory .

Thank you Rob for your generosity, we’re waiting for you at the museum!

If you want to know something about Rob take a look at his website.

‘Andromeda’ is exhibited at the Apple Museum in Savona, and can be admired by all visitors. Another great reason to come and visit us!