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January 24th 2014 is an important date in Apple world: it’s the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh birth. This date has a double meaning because it overlaps with a main turn in All About Apple history, the NPO that since 2002 collects, protects, documents and sometime revives almost 9000 Apple products as personal computers, peripherals, accessories and prototypes sold since 1976.

January 24th 2014 becomes other than an historic milestone of successes of the mythical Macintosh, also a starting point for our association that finally finds a suggestive and wonderful location on the seaside, made available from the Savona Port Authority, as the new museum headquarters.

First class cruise port with over one million passengers flow a year, the Savona docks, is the ideal contest for the Apple products Museum location, open to an international and transversal kind of public.

In this passage prospective and considering these aspects the Museum location choice has been selected in the Savona docks area. Savona Port Authority President, Mr Gianluigi Miazza, explains “The project of an Apple Museum in Savona will be a great attraction point for the cruise passengers and more in general for the tourists coming to visit our province. An attraction that will focus attention on the port as well and will bring it across the regional and national borders. This in occasion of the completion of two important investments: the second Costa Cruise station building, ready later in spring, and the new flat bridge connecting the town to the docks area. The Port Authority I represent trusts this extraordinary initiative and has given its contribute adhering to the request of a modern exhibition space to host the “modernity” that many Apple products represent since 30 years”.

Savona ph-merlo 121210-1335

Mr Alessio Ferraro President and founder of the All About Apple Museum says: “The new museum location represents the crowning achievement of a constant commitment that with time has made our initiative solid and reliable, since the beginning towards the public and not towards a simple private collection. In these 12 years of growth there have been many protagonists that have helped All About Apple NPO: all of them have had an important role and everyone of them has offered its contribution. We would like to mention first of all the De Mari Foundation that has always supported the project, the Quiliano City Hall that has hosted our first public headquarters, SPES S.P.C.A. that has supported us in the recent long period of forced closure hosting our associative activity and hosting all our patrimony with the commitment of hosting it till the opening of the new headquarters. Many interlocutors have proposed us new locations as our headquarters in different cities and regions; the Savona new docks location include most of the location characteristic we were looking for: a prestigious location easy to reach and at the center of an increasing touristic area, to which we count to bring with our presence a further contribution.”

Foundation De Mari, who first believed in the project, and the local institutions, which are really aware of the value of a museum reality that is unicum in the area, with a significant ability in tourist attraction, express their satisfaction with this new location,
Roberto Romani, the President of the Foundation Roberto De Mari, says: “We followed the All About Apple non-profit organization in its path of development, from the first settlement at the site of Quiliano, identifying the excellence in this collection unique in our territory. We proceed along with satisfaction the contract for the new prestigious location, assured that our support can contribute the setting up and the launch of a museum that may become the engine of technological culture and tourism. ”

Elisa Di Padova, the Head of Culture and Youth Policies Municipality of Savona, emphasizes: ”I am delighted that the Apple museum has found the location in our Old Docks of Savona. In 2012 the Municipality of Savona was already hosted at the Commissioner Palace of the Fortress of Priamar the collection of historical computers from the All About Apple Museum in Savona with a great success. The construction of the new Museum at the Old Docks, near the landing of cruise ships will certainly help to enrich with a exceptional intergenerational and international value offered to the tourists. It will also give new impetus to the city itself for what the Apple brand represents: technological culture, passion, creativity and for the Administration a fertile ground in which to invest, in terms of collaboration and planning. ”

An added value in terms of tourism but in terms of the museum system of the province too, where the All About Apple Museum had already been rightly added : ” The All About Apple Museum is an opportunity and an added value for the city ​​and for the system of provincial museums, constituting one of the most special and most attractive point. Reorganize and enhance the cultural offerings can be a driving force for development in terms of tourism, cultural and economic development together with the involvement of the productive activities and services, all of this thanks to a museum visitable only in our province, “says the President of the Province Savona Angelo Vaccarezza . “A museum that gives visibility and communication to a large area, such as Savona, characterized by a varied and diverse landscape of history and art. Respecting its autonomy and its specificity, the All About Apple Museum turns, then, in a collector of many aspects and types, acquiring at the same time the true value and meaning” said the Councillor for Tourism of the Province of Savona Sara Foscolo.

Savona ph-merlo 111125-6161

The preview of the new location is held in the form of happenings, almost déballage, when the true symbolic protagonists are the cartons, which are packed copies of the AAA collection.

It starts with the screening of the memorable commercial, directed by Ridley Scott and milestone of cinema advertising, which launched the Macintosh computer on 01/24/1984.

From myth to reality, the Mac computer that was not iconically represented in the spot, materializes itself emerging from its original bag: it is one of two Mac 128k of the collection.

The performance ends with the premiere presentation of a historical relic, unique in the world, which has been immortalized in a photo of Jobs and Wozniak who has been around the world: the way is the one of a happening where, as in Mac’s spot the Big Brother screen was destroyed, so here a symbolic wall, which reveals the object to surprise highlight of the collection, is demolished.

La sacra sindone e Steve Jobs
La sacra sindone al Museo Apple

For this event we wanted to use a ironic and provocative communicative register in line with Apple’s language and style “- says Monica Brondi creative director of Punto a Capo, strategic communications partner of the All About Apple – The slogan “All About Apple Museum 3.0. The new era “reveals with emphasis that this new location is a real turning point in the history of the museum, and how the Web 3.0 represents a significant upgrade that will allow All About Apple, in an active collaboration with the Port Authority and Foundation De Mari and with the other institutions of the territory, to open up to a wider and international audience.

The opening of the museum is expected by the end of 2015. In this phase of renovation and construction of the new headquarters, whose project was entrusted to the architect Luigi Lorenzini, there will be events in order to keep the spotlight on the All About Apple, and a parallel campaign aimed at the acquisition of new partners and commercial sponsors. “