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This year Christmas brings to the Museum a sad and unexpected news: our dear friend Walter Franceschi, one of the few people who since the earliest years has believed in our mission with his contributing to its growth through initiatives of great importance, is no longer with us. Walter died at the age of 66, died of a sudden illness against which he fought restlessly, always with a smile and irony, playing down his status and working with us until the end, as long as he could.

We remember him his irony, generosity, passion for the mountains and for ‘his’ Valle d’Aosta, but above all for the desire to testify the history of technology through his never-ending action of collecting, particularly through its complete collection, unique in the world, of Beaulieu cameras, and of course for the Apple material, of which Walter has selected a huge number of items currently stored in our new but still under construction museum.

Two pages of our old site testify his work: the first, made to coincide with the first public museum opening in the year of the inauguration of its first donation of material. The second, during the show organized by him for us in the municipality of Hône, in Valle d’Aosta, which saw a great pert of the Apple museum opened to the public for an entire month.

His philosophy and his enthusiasm for All About Apple are well summarized by his writing, which accompanies a rare Apple-Mate and donated to the museum: “It took me eight months of negotiations with a dull-minded Texas guy. My collection can wait! I think its place is there by you “

We thank Walter again for what it has given to us; remembering that for some time he has been acclaimed honorary member, with this page we announce that the museum will be dedicated to him, as an everlasting memory .